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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My Zuda Subbmission

My Zuda subbmission, well the 1st page and in rough format, the text needs to be sorted out, but am thinking its a pdf-jpg problem and as well as its one of the 1st images i have made soley for web. These bugs will be sorted out,
There is a smarten verison of this, the table and the coffee cups in what should be the second panel have been rounded off more. The panels flowing into one massive panel have been smarten up, if you will notice the boat next to the newspaper has a small white area which needs turning to black, just so everything flows better.
Also the building in the second panel flows into a tree for the last panel, and the white area is more white,
Also the text boxes at the top have been rounded off, to contrast all the jaggered feeling of the panel,
pages 2-8 still need to be compeleted, my time scale of a page a day took a step back after my well dersevered time to take some time off. Hmmm


I found a peach of information, Alan Moore's "Twilight of the superheroes", which rurmour has it (I say rumour) that was the bases for Kingdom Come (and the more cynical might say Earth X seen as it was based Alex Ross's notes about his vision of a marvel future, and Ross worked on Kingdom Come, which the rumours say where based on Twilight. DC's lawyers please note I say rumour)

If you can find it on the 'net, you should read it, then read Kingdom Come, and then Earth X, the plot is typical moore and the whole idea is well, you should read it.

I have nearley finshed my notebook on my project, typical Eldaveo, full of half baked ideas and ramdon crap, over the next couple of months am going to start building up some images and other such stuff ( I hate to talk in code, am not THAT paranoid not anymore)
All I can say is its a rehash of an idea I had when I 1st started Uni all those years ago, and am tweaking bits here and there, as my old housemate said quite alot "Epic"

Take care non belivers ?

Friday, 20 March 2009

My Zuda Submission

Am currently working on my Zuda submission, am working out the roughs on page 1st before the jolly task of sitting at the computer to work my tush off. A couple of problems that might arise are, the submission should be:
rgb >I have a great book call the Colour book its great for digital work, colour settings for print and screen
800 x 600, along with the 72 dpi, its not the great size I normally work on, I checked a couple of others and it seems that the amount of text I want in might have to be giving to the god of digital art,
Also it looks like webcomics have to be designed for children with ADD, hmmmmm

A brief outline of my plot revoles around this man (am tryign to write it so you don't find out his name, Am trying for a hint of reality and the ways my friends talk, we rarely call each other by frist name "bro, dude, sir, or just a simple Hey, you'll find out his old codename " who left a superhero team to become a cop. He was a gagdet hero, think Batman, Nite Owl, but stripped it all back to carry items that might help him in his cop ways, (think glasses, gun, zippo)

The events that lead into the story are from another webcomic am doing, all refering to the "Blood Angel" event. Am trying to stay away from this massive comic events, ala Civil War, Invasion, 52, Crisis on..., I think these are good for Comic's to do this, as you get to rejig the order of things, but on a small scale with the ideas that flow in my head, its just better to focus on the way people are effected by the events rather then showing the events.
Excuse my writing, Its early and the caffine hasn't kicked in yet.

So the events of "Blood Angel" had an effect and a pretty bad one, the whole world and the way Meta's are seen are changed by this, but I'll shall not tell you, thats for later. There's a memeber from his old team, who has psyhic powers, >heres the comic bit<>maybe at the prices< and released a psyhic blast wave that spreads a mile wide, Men confess to there deepest darkest secrets while women release there inner rage, the effects wear off, but 8 ramdom people are left in coma's.

Is the cop called in because he's a cop ? No because he's a friend, then it all starts to get a bit different after that,
They will be something running along side this, as soon as I work out how to hold storage on this and people are able to download PDF's,

But yes, timetable of events My zuda submission am hoping will be up by end of the month so its in time for aprils comp, i'll be working on my various other titles and am hoping to get WGSDH off the ground HO HA!!



Wednesday, 4 March 2009


So am gonna try and keep this updated as best I can. There should be more pictures soon, once I've worked out the style I'll have designs up soon.


My CV I was sending about last year, I got no responses, But I've included it here just to give you the idea of what I was trying to aim at. Photoshopped to the max, all the symbols where suppose to relate to what information was in the box, e.g
feet and the up symbol contained my spare time activties, the key and the tools, you guessed it key skills.
Never took off, sniff

This is from the infamous "When God Shakes the Devil Hand"
I like the style, composed straight on my fav programe.
The face was the idea for the meta face. Very black and white heavy.
She is called Bet, I though she looked like Bet Lynch from Corrie, maybe it was the tiger print hair band thing.

This is a design for Chelle, she's from a project I am working on. Photoshopped as it is a rough idea, as soon as I get some bristol broad, Am going to work it up with art markers.

The guy on the right is a basic design for the style of the comic art. By using squared paper, and the grid on Illustrator. I created this.

This little girl was a design for a webcomic, based on lenore
and noremore >sp? the girl from the metro<.
I though better of it since as the market is over flowed if I was to get a writer that could make her seem orignal and more satrical then i could, Then I would consider taking it further.