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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Some new stuff

In desending order, Batman cover, not sure if i posted this before, but I like that much it deserves a second posting, The middle, is a rough design, now I don't like posting roughs but am very happy with this, Its something new am trying so I'd though I'd post it. The last image is for a company who's selling Dog water. Yes Dog water. a simple illustration there is a back to it. which I'll post up later, as its getting turned into a A3 poster around Liverpool. So am going to hunt it down and Have my photo took next to it. Have fun kiddies. El Daveo

Friday, 12 June 2009


This is the alien design. With a bone armour, to make sure any hits from the top are protected. It has bone scythes attached to powerful arms. This version of the alien evolved from a subterranean creature that travelled underground. As you can see from the picture on the right, it pops up and dives back down again. As if the soil and earth were just water and it was a fish. But as it grows, numerous things will happen to it.

The robot isn't up yet, quite simplely its the most chanellging thing I've had to design. It starts off from a sphere, think the droids from star wars that roll around all the time. With the battle biped droids, but as it is a sporting event maybe the robot is under a pentely? Hence its starting phase its smaller then that of the alien.

This is the dectivie. There are plenty of other designs I did for him, but this I feel reflects who he is the best.