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Friday, 21 August 2009

Bad Mood Friday

I admit it, I've woke up in a bad mood. It could be the fact I have to got to job school later, the lack of sleep or the hangover that's kicking in and the fact I have no smokes at hand. My hangover days follow the same pattern I wake up, I get annoyed by the tinyest little thing that someone has done, and I snap, its then My mission to point out the fact am annoyed.
My hangover attack today is photo albums on Facebook, but more on the names and content. Don't get me wrong calling a Album 'Wedding Photos' then filling it with photographs of your wedding is expected, same goes for photos of my dog and photos of my half naked asleep model girlfriend.
No it shite like random, Nights out (or nights out that are given a date after it NIGHT OUT 2-08-09 LOLZ LOLZ. The date thing after a title bugs me to no end, if comes across as showing a few things
1: Look how Out going and fun I am to be around, the date oh just to prove to people how often I go out and fun I am (double fun here kids)
2: Am so busy, I need to keep track of my calander by Facebook photos.
3: add your own, I was going to work something about STD's and pregrencies into it.

The random thing bugs the shit out of me, it really does. I'll tell you why,
A few years ago I was at a party, I was drunk, I got talking to this quite pretty thing, well I say talking this is what happened,

"Hey how you doing, My name's is Dave, who are you?"
I was drunk and forgot my manners

"Am Lucy and am weird"
Am not sure if her name was Lucy, I was drunk

"hmmm reallly I need more beer......"

I wasn't scared off by crazy lady. I really did another beer, then I hunted down the son of bitch who invitied her to this party and gave him a ear beating.



" LUCY "

" Ah what about her ?"

" She told me she was weird."

" That bugs you dude ? "

" Yes, weird people don't say there weird, you find out there weird "

I left it at that and got very drunk, danced half naked in the basement and passed out at 6 in the morning watching sunday morning cartoons.

So its this cross over from saying your weird, and people finding out your weird. Its like finding an emo, looking at him and knowing he's emo and you don't ask if he is emo, because you know. Unlike the little emo fucks who dance and jump and sing that there emo, there not emo, there attention seeking fucks,
another expamle, cutters, you only find a cutter out by accident, they never tell.

So bringing it back to my bad mood friday. People who create albums on facebook call it random, in some vein attempt to seem wacky adding depth to an already hallow 2d profile. It just seems like people's commom sense has gone out the window went it comes to thess albums. Find that person who trys a little too hard, you know the one, and hunt for a random album of wacky and crazy stuff and see if it makes you feel like you want to drink with that crazy and whacky person who has a snow cone on his head.

These people are trying too hard to show of to get noticed by the 200 friends they have, to make it seem like there are not sad and a loser on facebook home of the ADD kids.
Huh i've lost my train of though......

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Am currently going through and updating, reworking Robot from Mars. Trying different approaches to the pages and art and added a little bit more. I should really at some point begin work on my zuda submission.

There we go.

Friday, 7 August 2009

What am working on...Part 2...

A tweeked verison of the 1st page.

What am working on.......

"The Robot From Mars" a little homage to 1950 esq sci fi films. It has a giant robot, a small town, some mad scientist people, a war room, a president you don't want to mess with, and some mild violence and a bit of swearing.

1st page...